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Last night we played Zpocalypse, a game funded via Kickstarter.

I really like nice and interesting player boards, which is a current movement in the industry.  This game has a nice dial system to keep track of armor, health, skills and attributes.  I rather like that part of the game.


At it’s core, it’s a tile laying game.  I really like tile laying games, even if it seems to be all I am playing these days.  The tiles are nice, with lots of detail.  They are busy tiles.  Perhaps slightly too busy.


Component wise, the minis are the weak point.  The squad system works fine in theory, but the mini representation of them is lacking, and the bases don’t work very well.  I also am not a huge fan of one mini representing more than one survivor / zombie, but that’s how it goes in this game.  I must grudgingly admit that perhaps it can speed things up not having to move so many pieces.


Gameplay I’m still undecided on.  It seems good, but another play is needed.  Combat / defense seems reasonably fast.  In general, you are looking for 5s and 6s on a few d6 rolls.

Here we are in the bunker, having finished the game.



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