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I’ve been playing World of Warcraft and really enjoying it.

My shadow priest is not good but I like him.

I can’t do very good damage against trash, but against bosses I can do ok.  Here is one final result against some boss and I was pretty happy.

I joined a guild and it is so far really pretty fun.  I’ve done two raids with them.  Here is a pic of the group.

One of the things I do like about Shadow Priests is the epic weapon.  Mine talks to me, and doesn’t actually say nice things.  Here is what she said to me yesterday:

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Another video to be added to the many thousands of other World of Warcraft videos out there.

This time my little troll goes and attacks another human infestation.  I don’t think this quest line has changed since the game was released.  Except to make it even easier.  I do like how it tells you where to go now.  Super easy.


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I created a Troll Hunter.  Wow hasn’t been in my mind for several years, but on a whim I decided to load up the free version.  I think you can go to level 20 with the free, although I am not sure.

Anyway, it was pretty fun.  I’m sure I will tire of it very soon.




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