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Stumbled across this video on Transcendentalism.

I read Walden a year or so ago.  It is an amazing book.  Much of it, however, was of a very high complexity and I did not get all that I think is in there.  I would read a paragraph, then read it again. Still I did not really understand at times.  I’m going to read the book a second time.

This video is uneven, but the beginning half is really quite good.  For me the video breaks down a bit beginning at the MLK portion.  I’ve never really thought of MLK as a transcendentalist, so I will have to give that some thought.  Maybe he was.  There are some things that fit correctly.  Anti-slavery and women’s rights are big parts of transcendentalism.  Every individual deserves the same rights.

For me the concepts of simplification, disconnection from technology (modern separation from society – especially social media) and self reliance are wonderful.  I do not necessarily practice these, as I am very much on the grid, but they hold value to me as an ideal concept of living in harmony with each other within nature.  When I do get a taste of these things it feels very correct to me.

I am aware of the hypocrisy here as I post on a website / blog for all to see.  It’s so entirely human to say one thing but do another.




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