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2017 resolution #4 is to play more games.  And Saturday morning I did.  I had a round of Imperial Assault and then half a round of X-Wing.

This was a good time.  Often I don’t think about playing games in the mornings, yet I went over to Sean’s house and had a great time.  If I hadn’t I’d have been sitting at home!

In Imperial Assault, I tried out the rancor and Jabba.  The rancor underperformed.  He went down too early, but I think I rushed him in which was a mistake.  Jabba however; he’s kinda expensive at 6 points but I think he may have won the game for me.   For armies with lots of individual models that are cheap he grants one victory point for each one removed.  Those can add up quick.

It was really great and I was glad to get these games to the table.

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So I got the Imperial Assault Skirmish mats in, which I didn’t know existed until very recently, and they are wonderful.

There are three, and they are the current tournament list, so as the list changed I hope they release more mats.  Obviously demand will dictate this but I think this is a popular game and am hopeful.

My biggest complaint with Skirmish was assembling all the pieces into a map; it was a real pain and this removes that issue completely.


The mats themselves are very colorful and good, but also very very thin.  I guess that’s ok.   We will see how they hold up.  They come with the two scenario cards with them which is great, and the little map you see on the left side shows the two starting areas.

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I had an opportunity to play Star Wars: Imperial Assault Skirmish and wow that is a really great game!  It’s just so good, who would have thought that the little multiplayer add-on would be so much better than the campaign itself.  It’s just so fun.

The above picture is the setup.  I’m on the left with my scum list, and my friend Sean is on the right with his rebel forces.


Early on, I was doing well.  I sent my fast rodians down to capture the objective crates, and had an early lead.  But it was all downhill after that.  I spent all my firepower taking down one of his wookies, and then he just marched in and killed all my good stuff; I was slaughtered.


I actually got tabled.  But it was a very good game; very fun and it plays so fast.  I like that.  I’m going to work on my list and unfortunately that means paying $40 for three or four pieces of plastic.

My issue here is that I do not enjoy painting.  So, I think I will stop.  I’m conflicted.  Even just putting three colors on makes the models look soooo much better.   Maybe I will not stop.

My new list I am thinking of trying is this one:

Bantha Rider
Elite Nexu
Gideon Argus
Hired Guns
Temporary Alliance
Devious Scheme
Beast Tamer


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