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Day 29.  You can game anywhere on Earth, where would you choose?

Again, I skipped a whole bunch of questions.¬† I don’t have good answers for most of these questions.¬† But for 29, I do have a vision.

I like to go camping.¬† I’d like to have a game, outside, at night, maybe under a tree, at some nice park.¬† Out of all the places on the Earth, I think some Texas State Park in the fall would be my favorite place.

There could be a fire, a couple of lanterns, a nice breeze and a clear sky.  Yes, that sounds wonderful to me.



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Hello!¬† I have skipped many of these days.¬† Some of these questions just don’t really appeal to me, but I do like #13.

What makes a successful campaign?

Successful campaigns are rare for me.¬† Rare, and precious.¬† I’ve had a few, and while there are many factors, there are a few things that I think are critical.

1 . Commitment from key players and GM.

There are some others, but this is the most important thing. There are other factors help a campaign be successful, but there has to be the drive from everyone.¬† It has to be high on the priority list of all parties.¬† If the GM or any of the key players doesn’t have the campaign near the very top of priorities, for me it usually falls apart.

What are key players?¬† Usually in my campaigns there are people who are kinda just along for the ride.¬† They like the game, but really if they miss a session here or there they don’t really care and, more importantly, they are not missed.

But some people are critical.¬† When they are gone, the games are flat, and quickly I have learned to just cancel a session when certain people are not there.¬†¬† There are ways to identify key players.¬† Really it’s intuitive, but here are some things I have noticed that key players might do.¬† These are the players that might write down names and places, or maybe draw maps.¬† They will grab the rule book and flip through it, and even look up a rule.¬† They are the players who have characters with some kind of history, or background, or even just a name that isn’t ‘bob.’¬† These players look at the GM when he is talking.¬† They don’t have their phone in their hands.¬† They are on time.¬† They work to help keep the game going.¬† They send emails here and there about the campaign.¬† A key player might even do the recap at the beginning of each session.¬† Key players character’s interact with the world, npcs,¬† and even other player characters.

Key players.  Find them, keep them, feed them, nurture them, appreciate them.

2.¬† Consistency of play – for me, my most successful campaigns have ALWAYS been weekly.¬† The next most successful campaigns have been bi-weekly.¬† I’ve never had a monthly campaign that has lasted very long.¬† Life happens, and sometimes events must be cancelled, but it should be rarely.

3.  Fun players  РI mentioned above key players.  In addition to key players, hopefully one or more of them are FUN players.  Players that actually do things, that enhance the game.  They contribute.




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