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I have been doing a good bit of YouTube streaming.


For resolution #7, I am to play more games.  And maybe these Blizzard games are the ones; Overwatch and Heroes.  Overwatch is just so convenient and quick.  10 minutes per game.  Heroes requires a 30 minute investment, but I’m much better at Heroes.

Anyway I have set up YouTube to stream, and this is convenient as it automatically adds my video to my own video library on the channel.   It works pretty damn well!!



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I still dig Overwatch.  It’s fun, I’m not good. But I did get lucky and got play of the game twice.  I played with Spacemanzero.  Here are the videos, cued up to my special moments.

and here is the other one.


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Played some Overwatch last night.

I am pretty much a Blizzard fanboy.  What can I say?  It’s fun.  I like all their games, with the possible exception of Hearthstone.

I made 4 videos.  The first one, below, is a video of two matches.  The link is the last two minutes of the second match, which was a great game.

One of the nice things about Overwatch is it’s just so fast.  Times vary; but matches are often around the 10 minute mark for me.



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