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When I went to Gen con in 2015, I made sure to hit the FF flight report.  It’s an iconic thing, at least in my world.  This is where Fantasy Flight reports on the state of the company, and the industry, to the fans.  It’s almost like a board game stock report for geeks.  And there is usually a surprise or two; there are announcements.

This year, the surprise announcement that I really liked is the Runewars Miniatures Game.   Also, FF is going forward with app driven games.  I played Descent with their new app; I think it has tremendous potential, especially for folks who like co-op games.

Video below is the announcement.  I guess to me the response was surprisingly tepid; but I wasn’t there and it’s hard to tell.

Having just put 40k on the shelf, I’m happy to give this a try as a replacement.

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An interesting video, the 360 thing is curious.  I was there last year at the opening of the doors, it was fun.



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