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Here is a picture of the Alps in Bavaria that I took in March, 2014.

So the site is back looking exactly how I like it.  All is in place.

However the previous two years of content…..gone.  It’s a little sad, but I can’t blame anyone other than myself.   I’m actually not too bent out of shape.  I even cancelled the restore request; these guys are dirt cheap and it shows in their support.  When you get hosting for $4 a month, it’s pretty much all self service.

Nobody ever read any of my blog for the two years I had it running.  I would get a hit here, a hit there, probably from bots; but no following.  It makes me wonder a bit why I started it up again.  As I mentioned before, I have often done little projects like this.  Little corners of the Internet that are my own little place.

I did make a backup of this site, however.  I probably should do a test restore somewhere, I guess.  I probably won’t worry too much about it.


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Hello.  Here I go starting this blog / site yet again.  I begin again with some trepidation, and this time I will be making a backup.  I recently lost two years worth, and it does not look like I will be getting it back.

So the site, which was perfect, now is needing work again.  I will work to set it right, but I am in no hurry.  I have no visitors, and really very little vision for the site.  But I do like having a little corner of the Internet.

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