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It all started with D&D.

5th edition is very good, if all too familiar. ¬†That’s not a bad thing, and maybe even a good thing.

As a long time fan of published adventures, I have all of them for 5E. ¬† ¬†Storm King’s Thunder is the latest. ¬†I’ve flipped through it.

It’s too complex.

They all are.  For me, anyway, at this time.  The prospect of running one of these is just daunting.

For the moment, I’m looking for simple adventures. ¬†I don’t need 10 moving parts.

The basic adventure Mines of Phandelver is a perfect example of what I want. ¬†I was so excited and have run this twice; it’s great! ¬†There are things going on , but it’s not too complicated.

Phandelver might be my favorite adventure ever.

I was hoping the new modules would be more like this, but they have moved to a more complicated (advanced) adventure path.

I hope to return to 5e someday,but I don’t have a group to do it, and mustering a new group, which I have done in the past, takes energy that I do not seem to have right now.

9/29/16 update:¬† So Storm King’s Thunder actually ISN’T as complicated as I first thought.¬† And, I think it is my favorite of the published adventures.¬† Maybe I will run this at some point.

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