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We continue the descent down to the Center of Aereth in the family campaign.

As I have often stated DCC has been very good to us.  I really like these modules and this campaign is 7 or 8 months old which is really quite good.

The combat is slowing down, however.  This happens in most rpgs as the characters advance and everything grows in hit points.  The solution can be to increase damage and cut hit points of the adversaries.  I will look at this.

My one complaint with DCC continues to be lack of coherent story.  I have tried to weave in my own story, continuing with the goat man introduced in Portal Under the Stars, but the party is not asking about this and to me there is a lack of motivation for the party to journey down or anywhere.

I realize this is touted as a strength, and is a strength for many people.  Keep it simple, keep it episodic.  Old school.


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I like d20 dice.  I have many

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Last night my family finished up Doom of the Savage Kings.

It took us three sessions to play, and it was pretty obviously a huge success.

The module has three main parts.  The town, the dungeon, and finally the lair.

For my group, the town and the dungeon were just great.

There was enough going on in the town for some fun side moments without bogging down in irrelevant side quests.  The whole jarl thing was nice, and my family enjoyed the church as well.

The dungeon was great!  I like these smaller dungeons that seem to be within the DCC modules.  There were some fun traps, exploration opportunities with just the right about of combat sprinkled in.


I will say that the final encounter was slightly less engaging for my group.  It was fine; they had fun, but it wasn’t quite as snappy as the other two parts of the module.  I couldn’t really figure out how to help; this is my job as Judge but it’s not really my strong point, which is why I run pre-published adventures in the first place.

Overall, this is a fantastic module.  I really like the length and complexity of of the DCC modules so far.  They are short and simple, with the correct depth opportunities where the players choose to go deeper.  There are strange problems that have to be overcome, and the solution isn’t necessarily spelled out in the dungeon.  This is interesting, and my players had to become creative to solve things, which they did!   The wizard spells, in particular, where instrumental in their success.  Sometimes that wizard spell that wasn’t wanted becomes fantastic.

It was a lethal module for us.  We lost 5 PCs, I believe.  Some were level 0, so that was to be expected.  The hound is viscous, and he got his bloody kills in before he himself fell.

After we finished, the level 0 characters leveled up.  And then, the thing any parent / Judge wants to see happened.  My son reached for the rulebook and leveled up his characters of his own accord.  He also took the rulebook to his room to read last night.  Success!


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I love these whatever a day post things.  They are so fun!.  I copied this from Theron at My Dice Are Older Than You.

Day 1.  Real dice, dice app, diceless, how do you prefer to roll?

Real dice!  I love dice!  I like the way they feel, the way the sound.  I like the randomness.  The expectation, the hope.  I really like the physical properties of dice.  I like nice heavy dice.

I have LOTS of dice!  And it’s not enough.  I want more of them.

My current RPG love is DCC, and it even has MORE dice. Zocchi dice.  Love em.  Dice.  Yes!



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