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The family tried 5E , Lost Mines of Phandelver, but it wasn’t a hit.

so we back to DCC.  Last night we made characters, and tonight I finally get to run the iconic Sailors module.  Hopefully it will be well received.

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Last night we finished our DCC campaign.  It ended well – the party summoned a horrible demon into the realm and threw in with him, so the realm is now conquered and oppressed.  And everyone was satisfied.  Geez.

The campaign lasted about 8 months with us playing most Fridays.  It was wonderful having my family at the table, and I think everyone had a good time, even Patti!  The characters made it to level 5, which is pretty impressive for DCC.

Usually I have some kind of music playing.  Last night I played Manilla Road, which was recommended in the DCC G+ community.  It’s 80’s heavy metal, and I must say just as some wines pair well with certain food, this music paired very well with DCC.  Just look at the crazy art on the album cover.  Three of the songs are just fantastic, really amazing, with the others fitting in quite nicely with the edgy nature of DCC.

It appears we will be doing another campaign starting next week.  We are eyeing straight up D&D, and I wonder how they will like it compared to the more flavorful DCC.

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We continue the descent down to the Center of Aereth in the family campaign.

As I have often stated DCC has been very good to us.  I really like these modules and this campaign is 7 or 8 months old which is really quite good.

The combat is slowing down, however.  This happens in most rpgs as the characters advance and everything grows in hit points.  The solution can be to increase damage and cut hit points of the adversaries.  I will look at this.

My one complaint with DCC continues to be lack of coherent story.  I have tried to weave in my own story, continuing with the goat man introduced in Portal Under the Stars, but the party is not asking about this and to me there is a lack of motivation for the party to journey down or anywhere.

I realize this is touted as a strength, and is a strength for many people.  Keep it simple, keep it episodic.  Old school.


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chained coffin

Session 3 was really quite good.  This was nice since session 2 felt a little flat.  I’m still figuring out the magic formula for my family group.

I changed up the Bad Lick Beast a little bit and I think it worked pretty well.  He was able to kill two level 0s that were brought along.  One of the level 0s was Magmar, and he actually had a good story; it was sad when he left.  I should have permitted him to level up to level 1.

The wheel was cool, fortunately they had found the pattern in the giant’s house.  If they hadn’t I can’t really figure out how this would have been solved.

The encounter with chaos is next week.  This has been a great module for the party overall.  Possibly the best one since Doom of the Savage Kings, which is what hooked the family.


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The party is level 3, and the first level 3 adventure is Jewels of the Carnifex.

Tonight’s adventure was AMAZING.  I am so happy.  My family, at the table…what could be better.  They went to the city and shopped for 30 minutes.  LOL.  I don’t mind the mundane stuff, it’s fun. They ran with it.  So fun.  Did not make it far into the module…so perfect.

I bought a couple more modules, I seem to want them all.

img_8340 img_8343 img_8345

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Last night in my family’s campaign we finished up the Abbott of the Woods, by Harley Stroh.   We seem to be running lots of Stroh stuff.  He is very good.

This was the second session, and I could tell after the first session that I would need to make some modifications.   Creepy is fine, but my family isn’t too keen on straight up gross, which is in spades in this adventure.

So I took out some of those encounters, and changed it up a bit.  This is what any Judge is supposed to do anyway.  Only I know what my players want, and Harley had to write for the masses.

One of the problems is that the players are already overpowered.  They have picked up some nice gear.  That wolf-spear from Doom of the Savage Kings is fantastic.  Even the armor from Portal Under the Stars is pretty sweet.

So I beefed up the encounters.  I gave the Abbott himself 125 hit points!  Two PCs did hit the dirt, but the cleric and a healing potion got them back up in time.

Now they are level 3, and we will be moving to another Stroh piece, Jewels of the Carnifex.  I’ll be working the city a bit more at the start, I think.

There may only be one more module after this next one, and our campaign will be complete.  At least, the first part.  I will have to see what the family wants to do next.  Maybe a Shudder Mountain campaign if they want to start again from level 0.

I am just so pleased with DCC.  It has brought back to me that feeling I had when I first started playing rpgs.  And, it’s the first real campaign for my family.  My wife’s very first rpg.  It’s so well received by all of them, what a delight.

Also, Ed’s Smooth Red pairs very well with DCC.

Ed's Smooth Red goes very well with DCC.

RPG cat.



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I’ve been enjoying Goodman Games quite a bit and discovered they have a Cthulhu line!

Also picked up a 5e module that they published, and a third party DCC module.

Got a couple of cool little posters . 🙂  I think I might frame the one on the left.

 My biggest complaint about Goodman Games is their odd opposition to campaigns.   But that’s their deal.  It’s a strength about them to many people.  Standalone adventures.  No commitment to a path required or even offered.



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Friday night we had another DCC adventure.  This time – the Abbot of the Woods.

I put a little village into the start of this one.  I like urban fantasy.  DCC is so wonderful but my group needs a little more urban stuff, like Doom of the Savage Kings.  That module was sooooo friggin perfect for my group.

What I really want is a string of separate, short 16-20 page adventures that all start in a village / town / city.  I like that DCC keeps the adventures separate, but my group, as noted in a previous post, requires a cohesiveness in these adventures.

I started out Abbot by having WANTED posters up for one of the player characters, the one with the first half of  the Rod of Rulership from the adventure ‘Portal Under the Stars.’  That’s our campaign.  It worked pretty well I think!

Our kitties like to come and visit us while we are playing, as you can see by the two pictures.


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So I made a decision on the DCC campaign.  I’m not going to move away from DCC adventure modules, but am going to add the Rod of Rulership, mentioned at the end of the Portal Under The Stars, into a campaign.

It worked quite well, I think, last night.

Modification of anything is within the prerogative of the Judge, it’s just not something I want to do too much.

So I added a mercenary group to the game.  They came up behind the party and tried to take the rod of rulership.  They were led by a wizard, who disappeared.

Then, I had the goat creature talk to the party, and told them to go through a portal to the Abbey for the dryad wood needed to find the location of the second half of the rod.

So now there are two factions that want the rod.  My son helped me with this idea, as he is the driving force behind wanting some cohesiveness to the games.

Everyone had fun, I believe, and we even expanded the session a little to 2 1/2 hours.  I’m soooo happy about this!  It was really fun, and we finished up The One Who Watches From Below.



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So I’m in a bit of a spot, and I need to get this right.

Our first 4 sessions of DCC were fantastic.  Well received by all.   This is a big deal because it’s my family; getting the family together at the table is a dream come true for me, and I really am extremely fond of DCC.

So after prepping for The One Who Watches From Below, a highly rated adventure, I thought the next session would be great.

However, it was not so well received!

While the module itself is really good, it seems that my players felt a disconnect from the previous modules.  This was very interesting to me.  The idea of a campaign that works together from module to module had not struck me as relevant, but apparently it is.

The party didn’t understand WHY they were at the cave of secrets, they intro didn’t work for them.  They didn’t understand the goal.  In the module, the goal is wealth, but this party isn’t interested in wealth, and I couldn’t get a buy in.

Our first adventure was the Portal Under The Sky, and the end of that has one piece of a rod of rulership.  I was asked about that.  I was also asked about the previous village of Hirot, from the delightful Doom of the Savage Kings.

Neither of these were at all in The One Who Watches From Below.

Clearly this is a Judge issue; I need to figure out how to tie this stuff together, and I’m really struggling.

So I’ve been scrambling.  One of the things I like about DCC is the strength of the modules; I’m not so good at this improv stuff.

I did find out that in the 2016 Gongfarmer’s Almanac there is a continuation of the Rod of Rulership adventure.  I found that; and now I have a decision.

Do I tie that quest into the DCC modules I have ?  How can I do this?


Do I run a Pathfinder or some other adventure path using DCC rules?

I have one week to figure this out.


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