2017 Resolutions

I have high hopes for 2017.  Some things I wish to do:

  1. ¬†Connect with local game shop Montag’s in Pearland, TX.¬† I have been going for a while here and there, but I want to spend more time and money there and meet like-minded individuals.
  2. Control Kickstarter spending.  Only 6 for 2017 will be the goal.
  3. Buy less boardgames – I buy them and then shelve them….
  4. Play more of the games I want to play.  DCC for rpgs and Imperial Assault, xwing/Armada.
  5. continue to play DCC on Fridays with family; possibly branch out to another game OR start a second DCC campaign.
  6. pay less attention to Facebook.
  7. find an online game and return to Payday 2 type of play – that game was amazing and so damn fun and everyone played it.¬† Need a game everyone wants to play.¬† I’m not sure this is possible.
  8. Read a dozen more books.  One per month.
  9. Don’t play games I don’t want to play.
  10. Find my place in Scouts with a lesser role but enjoy my time with my son (who is now a Life scout.)  Being treasurer for 9 years now is starting to wear on me.
  11. Enjoy a family vacation in New York or Disneyland.¬†¬† I’m actually leaning New York.¬† I want my family to visit this iconic place.
  12. Play 40 rounds of disc golf
  13. perfect my job performance.  worry and stress less.
  14. find creative endeavor……¬† (I don’t know what this means.¬† I try things and they go away.¬† but I must have an outlet and this blog isn’t it)
  15. continue to recognize further the negative aspects of social media while embracing the positive aspects.
  16. Get down to 195 lbs.  (currently at 202)

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