Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

To me, the Internet is the perfect form of freedom of speech.  I can post whatever I want.  If it has value, the people will come and consume it.  If they do not come, then I have to recognize that perhaps my voice isn’t of much interest.  Or, perhaps my voice is simply too quiet in this maelstrom of content where everyone is screaming for attention.  Either way, I nor anyone is ever entitled to attention from anyone.

I know this site will get very little traffic.  However I have a need to speak my mind.  I’ve had several blogs.  They start, exist, fizzle out.  I am sure this page will suffer the same fate.  But for now, I am happy with my little spot.

The content of this blog is mostly fantasy, scifi, and games.

However, I will not limit myself to only these topics.  Since this is my space, I will not attach any chains to my own freedom to speak.  I’ll put up here whatever it is that I wish.  It just so happens that most of my mind goes to the three items listed above.

Who am I?  What does it matter.  The Internet is perfect in it’s anonymity concerning race, age, gender, income, political affiliation, religion and all other attributes that seems to divide people.

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