I did another Geocache and have noticed a trend that I’m not so sure I dig.

There are many that are just stuck underneath the cover of parking lot lights.  Seems mundane and boring.

I am still formulating my opinion on this.  Obviously, I can just ignore them.   Yet when I try to do other ones, which are not simple park and grab, I feel like I’m suspicious.

And in the above picture, I AM being suspicious.  What the hell!  This poor slob is out there minding his own business. Unfortunately, he’s right by a cache.  So I have to wait for him, in my car, watching him, and even taking his picture!  That’s not right.


Inside the cache is some rubbish.  Maybe I’m missing something.  Who would want a dirty eraser thing, a paperclip, or 12 cents?  I never really want anything from these things, and just sign the log that nobody cares about.

So I had a bad experience.  Maybe Pokemon Go, Ingress, or the forthcoming Harry Potter thing are more to what I should be doing.

On the other hand, I do like the physicality of things.  Many times I have loved and enjoyed geocaching, so I will do a little more exploring on the state of it in 2018.

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