Well I’ve had this blog for almost two years.  I am using it much less than I thought I would.  But, it’s still here.

I put most of my stuff up on Instagram.  It’s very easy; thoughts and postings are so disposable.  They may only exist for a moment or two before disappearing into the flood of content that is the Internet.  Instagram a good fit for this type of consumption.

I’ve been watching some of the Overwatch tournament.  Blizzard is pushing it hard.  Houston even has a team!  I doubt any of the players have actually been to Houston, but that’s ok.  Our team is called the Houston Outlaws.  The logo is pretty cool, and I think the Overwatch Esports push is pretty fun.  I hope it makes it.  I’m skeptical.  Maybe I should buy a shirt before the Outlaws go away.   I do like the logo.

Heroes of the Storm seems to be about 1/10th the size of Overwatch, but I’m much better at it.  I’m diamond in Heroes.  I get it, even if I’m getting slower and slower.  Sometimes I can’t dodge the Q.  They also have a tournament going.  There was a team called the Old Gods, and I liked the name so I decided they would be my team.  However, they got picked up by a sponsor and now have the company name instead of their own.  And then they lost.  I don’t have a team to follow at the moment.

I’m the only person I know that is watching any of these.   That doesn’t bode well.

In other news I did a couple more geocaches.  Sadly, some of these caches make me feel like I’m behaving suspiciously.  I like the physicality of of it over, say, Ingress or Pokemon Go, but those latter two seek and find endeavors are not very suspicious.  I’m looking forward to the Harry Potter one.

Disc golf is still really fun, although we need one or two more people.   We pretty much have a game every Sunday.

My Wednesday group is now playing on Sundays.  And my weekend group is now playing on Thursdays.

I’m loving reading the Stormlight Archive.  I read a bit each day, and it’s just wonderful.

Patti and I went on one date, but we need another for the month.  Need to get in 26 dates this year.  She wants to see The Post which is fine with me.

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