We used to do a bit of geocaching back in 2005 Р2007.  It was a good thing for us to do with the kids that got us out of the house.  It helped us explore the area.  Back then it was a little more difficult, there were no smart phones.  I had to connect my Garmin GPS to my computer with a serial connection and input the destination, then I printed out the cache information and off we went.  It was a bit of a process.  Here is a picture, taken on March 12, 2005 with Paige and Jonah opening a discovered cache.

It was really fun.  Anyway as with all things we moved on.

I stumbled on the website again, and surprisingly all my login information worked.  Looking at my profile, we did 42 caches.  Seems like so many more were done.

I downloaded the app and it’s now amazingly easy to do these things.¬†¬† First, the app shows you where the cache is.¬† No more arrow and distance estimates in real time, you pretty much know where the thing is.

In this case it took me to a light pole, and I knew somehow it was connected to that pole.

I lifted up the square base and the cache was just laying there.¬† Easy.¬† I’ll need to do one that is more difficult and see where the challenge is.¬† I think this one would have been easy even in the old days.¬† The cleverly hidden ones were the most fun.

The cache itself is like they were, a log to sign and sometimes a trinket or two to take, if you have something to leave in it’s place.

I like dice, maybe I’ll take a handful of dice with me and put them in a cache or two.

It was fun to do this and another cache right by my house, maybe I will dip my toe in a little more and see if it’s something good.

I had forgotten about geocaching.  These days, this has been somewhat replaced by Pokemon and Ingress, and I wonder if the real physicality of it will be fun.

The problem is that there are no caches at places like the zoo.  And, boy do you look suspicious driving out to the corner of a parking lot and messing with a light pole!  Or maybe that is part of the appeal.

Browsing through the caches I did at that time, and the names of the people who were active locally, all but one that I can see have pretty much dropped it as a hobby.  There was a local website which is still up as of this posting but is not being renewed, and will vanish soon.

People come, and people go.

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