Already going to post another bit about the Way of Kings.

My #1 New Years Resolution for 2018 is to read the Way of Kings.

I’m on the 4th day of 2018 and I have almost completed this task!  I started on November 23, which is obviously in 2017.  So I have cheated a little.  By the time I will be done, it will have taken about a month and a half.  It is a thick book!

One struggle I have is the bad habit of only reading in bed before going to sleep, as I mentioned in my previous post about this issue.  I have been trying to break this limitation with some success.  I can carry the book with me anywhere since I am using the Kindle app on my phone when I do not actually have my Kindle with me.  So I am trying to have a bit of a read when I have some downtime as opposed to wasting that same time checking social media.

I backed the Black Piper Kickstarter album Kaladin, and it’s just really surprisingly good.

I have not been listening to the Graphic Audio version of the book.

What I lack is someone to talk to about this book, although I do have one friend who has read it.  That helps, but he read it a while ago; I’m behind.

I wish I was in a book club, I have always wanted to be in one.


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