2017 had some nice little things happen that I am pretty happy about.  Here is a list:

Polyphenol  – started taking antioxidants and my skin feels so much better.  New agey pills have always seemed stupid to me but no question of results.
Tree trim – best purchase of the year.  Trees look great and easy to mow and drive under
Shelves in garage – been wanting to do this for years, purged the old crappy b&n shelves and put good ones up at high cost.
Attic purge – threw or donated so many items.  Attic is clean now, very little left
Ugly chairs / table outside garage sale – I love the outside table set and the ugly chairs.
Pulled tree in back yard – was going to be an issue in 20 years.
Waterpic – wow oh wow!  Teeth feel so clean after using this each night!
Power washer – need to have one of these to maintain house.
2 monitor computer – I will never go back!

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