I live in Pasadena, TX, and the Texas Renaissance Festival is a couple of hours away.   We usually go once per year, although sometimes twice.

We like to make it into an event.  This year we stayed at La Torretta resort, which is close to the Faire.

We arrived on Friday night and I was impressed with the resort.

Here we are at the dinner place, which was ok but overpriced.  The weaked part of the resort.

Draco recorded a bunch of stuff, I wonder if we will ever see the footage.  Here he is threatening me with his camcorder.  I like this guy.

Gandalf inquired and we found out there is a fantastic room which we essentially hijacked for ourselves.  Boy it was perfect.

A fun game called Elixir.  We played games until past midnight on Friday, it was really wonderful.

The next day we actually went to the faire.  We’ve been so many times, nobody cares about actually seeing anything, it’s about hanging out.  Here we are about to throw some axes.

A shot of Patti and me.  It’s blurry, but the only one we got of us.

A toast to friendship with some hot mold wine.

Knife game.

A very good Gandalf the white!


A cool new dragon, I don’t remember seeing this before.  It was cool.

I was able to get my axe in a star!  Nice.

Saturday night was more games, I got to play Xwing with Alex, and it was very fun.  He beat me pretty bad.  Was fun, my IG-88s will be back.

Sunday morning we played some disc golf.  It was a perfect course.  So nice, it was cool and just was so much fun.

Overall it was one of those weekends that will be remembered forever.  It was so great.  I’m very lucky to have friends such as these.  We’ve traveled with them before with great success, and maybe a Star Wars Disney 2020 trip is a good thing to plan with them.


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