I got some AirPods a couple of months ago and after a couple of months I have completed my evaluation.  I love these things.


  1.  charge super fast.
  2. charge lasts a pretty long time
  3. super convenient.  No wires, and not having to carry phone is amazing.
  4. stay in and feel just like the old EarPods.  Which some like, others don’t.  I do like them.
  5. the charging case holds a good charge.
  6. sound is the same as EarPods.


  1.  $150
  2. software / connecting inconsistent.   Feels a little ‘buggy.’
  3. I liked the volume control on the old wires.  Yes, you can tap the AirPod and Siri will let you tell her to turn it down but that’s a pain.  Or you can turn it down on the phone itself of course.

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