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We are at Disney Florida.

It's day 2, and since I have been here so many times, I'm really not interested in getting it all done.

I just want to go at a more leisurely pace this time.

Just happy to have the family together for another family trip.

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So far in 2017 there are three purchases that I like the most.

  1.  a little window air conditioner in our bedroom.  We make the room so nice and cozy, and I didn’t see the electric bill go up at all.
  2. airpods – I have wanted blutooth headphones for a long time, and these, by Apple, are amazing!
  3. A second monitor for my computer.  This has been an amazing change, so invaluable, I will never go back.  I can play and watch and surf all at the same time.  Highly recommended.

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Harry Potter

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I got a nice package of glow in the dark dice today.

Also a Goodman Games catalog 🙂

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