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About 18 years ago I borrowed the Swords Trilogy book(s) from Peter Melman.¬† I’m just now getting around to reading it.¬† Although I bought it for the Kindle.¬† So I’m not even reading the copy that I borrowed all those years ago.¬† I’m not sure how I will get this book back to Peter.

Anyway it’s good stuff.¬† It was written before the Elric stuff, and I can see the seeds of Elric and those works in these books.

Nice to be reading again.

Don’t ever loan me anything.

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I got some AirPods a couple of months ago and after a couple of months I have completed my evaluation.  I love these things.


  1.  charge super fast.
  2. charge lasts a pretty long time
  3. super convenient.  No wires, and not having to carry phone is amazing.
  4. stay in and feel just like the old EarPods.¬† Which some like, others don’t.¬† I do like them.
  5. the charging case holds a good charge.
  6. sound is the same as EarPods.


  1.  $150
  2. software / connecting inconsistent.¬†¬† Feels a little ‘buggy.’
  3. I liked the volume control on the old wires.¬† Yes, you can tap the AirPod and Siri will let you tell her to turn it down but that’s a pain.¬† Or you can turn it down on the phone itself of course.

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Last night we finished our DCC campaign.  It ended well Рthe party summoned a horrible demon into the realm and threw in with him, so the realm is now conquered and oppressed.  And everyone was satisfied.  Geez.

The campaign lasted about 8 months with us playing most Fridays.  It was wonderful having my family at the table, and I think everyone had a good time, even Patti!  The characters made it to level 5, which is pretty impressive for DCC.

Usually I have some kind of music playing.¬† Last night I played Manilla Road, which was recommended in the DCC G+ community.¬† It’s 80’s heavy metal, and I must say just as some wines pair well with certain food, this music paired very well with DCC.¬† Just look at the crazy art on the album cover.¬† Three of the songs are just fantastic, really amazing, with the others fitting in quite nicely with the edgy nature of DCC.

It appears we will be doing another campaign starting next week.  We are eyeing straight up D&D, and I wonder how they will like it compared to the more flavorful DCC.

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