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I had an opportunity to play Star Wars: Imperial Assault Skirmish and wow that is a really great game!  It’s just so good, who would have thought that the little multiplayer add-on would be so much better than the campaign itself.  It’s just so fun.

The above picture is the setup.  I’m on the left with my scum list, and my friend Sean is on the right with his rebel forces.


Early on, I was doing well.  I sent my fast rodians down to capture the objective crates, and had an early lead.  But it was all downhill after that.  I spent all my firepower taking down one of his wookies, and then he just marched in and killed all my good stuff; I was slaughtered.


I actually got tabled.  But it was a very good game; very fun and it plays so fast.  I like that.  I’m going to work on my list and unfortunately that means paying $40 for three or four pieces of plastic.

My issue here is that I do not enjoy painting.  So, I think I will stop.  I’m conflicted.  Even just putting three colors on makes the models look soooo much better.   Maybe I will not stop.

My new list I am thinking of trying is this one:

Bantha Rider
Elite Nexu
Gideon Argus
Hired Guns
Temporary Alliance
Devious Scheme
Beast Tamer


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I have been reading Appendix N material and I must say it is bringing an understanding of D&D and DCC in a manner of which I find very surprising.  And what a delight!

I just finished the first Elric book and oh boy was it fantastic.  Not only is it a great read but it puts forth so much insight into old things that I am seeing in a new light.

Elric brings much to the table concerning Law vs Chaos, intelligent weapons and patrons.  I have always been a huge fan of alignment and while these books deal with law vs chaos I see the roots of the fuller system here.  It’s interesting to see how D&D expanded on it so fully while DCC is more pure in it’s adaptation from within the pages of these books.

The patron issue is fascinating.  D&D didn’t do as much as what DCC has done in this regard.  It’s so much more present in DCC, and I see it directly here in this first novel and it is beautifully done.  It is really helping me to understand the intent of the rules and thus it will help me in their execution at the table.  When you make a  pact with an otherworldly being…you better be careful.

When Joe Goodman sat down to write these rules for DCC it is as if he did NOT read D&D at all.  It’s as if he read Appendix N and made his own game from his own interpretation of that material that so influenced Gary Gygax.  Obviously, d20 is slapped in there as the core mechanic and for that I am happy as I am a fan.

After reading Lieber, Vance and now Moorcock, a fuller picture of D&D now resides within me.  My understanding of urban fantasy, magic and alignment as intended by the creators is so much richer now, I am anxious to read more.    They ripped off everything in their amazing original creation!  Growing up, I looked for the Appendix N books, but this was pre-Internet; I simply couldn’t find most of it.  Some, like Moorcock, was there.  I wish I had picked it up and am not sure why I did not.

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Last night we finished up the Chained Coffin.  This adventure was extremely well received by my family.  I would say it was as popular as Doom of the Savage Kings, which opened up the campaign.


The module is level 5 and while the party is level 4 I did not have to scale anything down.  They are a bit overpowered due to the unbalanced items they have grabbed – and their lucky rolls.  I might be mis-playing manaburn, they are using it like mad to tremendous effect.  However, I’ll not change anything if I am.  It is very fun for them and that’s the key.

The final confrontation with Boak took 1 hour 45 minutes but I think it was pretty epic and fun.  Really, this module was fantastic.

One of the best elements was Zugun.  He was well received by the party and dealing with the coffin was funny, strange, perfect DCC.  When I read his ending, all were listening.  It was very good, nice closure, it worked.  Hats off to Michael Curtis, such a curious, great element.

The hex crawl was pretty good, oddly I had never done that before but it went pretty well if not perfect.  It is my understanding that Harley Stroh’s Purple Planet campaign has a large hex component.  However I’m not sure if that campaign is a fit for my group.

I had asked if this was going to be the end or if continuation was going to happen.  Looks like we will be continuing with Journey to the Center of Aereth.

We played outside last night.  And that was really cool.  🙂  Patti and Paige set up the back patio and it looked great!  It was nice and cool, things were perfect for another night of gaming with the family.

img_8893 img_8894 img_8895

Thank you DCC and Goodman Games, this has been a highlight for me.


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There are days when I still wish to have another podcast.  Then I come to my senses.  🙂

If I do, I came across another word that I like.  Bohemian.  So maybe the podcast could be something like Sanctum Bohemian.  My wife is bohemian type; I wouldn’t mind fixing up the back yard in the spring to reflect something more of what we like; we are not using our land.

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We watched the Black Hole this week.  This is a very old 1979 movie that I saw in the theater as a young boy.  I liked it then even if I didn’t love it; everyone compared everything at that time to the perfect Star Wars from which it spawned.

It was surprising entertaining. Lots of stuff that just doesn’t work / hold up, but lots that did.

The blue Black Hole was visually interesting.  The mystery of the ship, the mad scientist worked for me.  Maximillian was great; especially that it’s creator feared him.  So good.  The Black Hole sequence was ok.  I liked it.  I liked most of the movie, even if there were some bad parts to it.



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My daughter’s wizard.  This is what character sheets are supposed to look like.  🙂

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chained coffin

Session 3 was really quite good.  This was nice since session 2 felt a little flat.  I’m still figuring out the magic formula for my family group.

I changed up the Bad Lick Beast a little bit and I think it worked pretty well.  He was able to kill two level 0s that were brought along.  One of the level 0s was Magmar, and he actually had a good story; it was sad when he left.  I should have permitted him to level up to level 1.

The wheel was cool, fortunately they had found the pattern in the giant’s house.  If they hadn’t I can’t really figure out how this would have been solved.

The encounter with chaos is next week.  This has been a great module for the party overall.  Possibly the best one since Doom of the Savage Kings, which is what hooked the family.


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