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Finished up this Appendix N book by Jack Vance and it is absolutely fantastic.  Loved it; I see so much of what went into D&D here; direct stuff.  The way magic works, the items and so much more.  Then I see it reinvisioned in DCC; the cheap value of life itself.

I had never read this.   How can this be?  It was such a great read.  Highly recommend for anyone who plays D&D.

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This past weekend Civilization 6 came out.

I was there for the birth of this franchise; Civilization was revolutionary and perfect in a way that is difficult to explain.

Anyway I picked up two copies, one for me and one for my son.

We played about 20 hours this past weekend.   It was really great.

I haven’t played a game like that in too long, and it was great because I have felt pretty jaded about computer games recently.

The game is more of the same.  Religion is now a path to victory; I will need to explore this as my usual route of either science or military has worn out a bit.


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My Wednesday group is starting a new RPG, Gods of the Fall by Monte Cook Games.

Sean is the GM.  Sean is the greatest GM in the world, so I’m pretty excited about it.

It’s an unusual premise; we are all new gods in a fallen land and we are rising up.  It’s different.  I might need to go ahead and buy this book as I feel a little behind on what is going on.

Anyway I play a 65 year old archer type, and he’s old enough to remember things before the fall.  But he is stooped over and old.  Which has been fun to roleplay so far.  🙂

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The party is now level 4, and while The Chained Coffin is for level 5, I felt pretty good about setting the group loose in the Shudder Mountains, they are OP.

The first session of Chained Coffin was VERY well received.  I was concerned that the occupant of the coffin would not be welcome, but he was, and they like him.  He’s funny, and the fact that they have to lug this coffin around is just fantastic.  It is very clever!  It is sooooo DCC.  Michael Curtis has done a wonderful job here.

I haven’t done hex stuff too much, so decided to pay attention to that, and it is pretty cool.  There is time pressure here, and I am going to keep watch of that.

DCC has been an absolute delight.

This campaign will likely end at level 5, and I’m wondering what we will do after that.

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The party is level 3, and the first level 3 adventure is Jewels of the Carnifex.

Tonight’s adventure was AMAZING.  I am so happy.  My family, at the table…what could be better.  They went to the city and shopped for 30 minutes.  LOL.  I don’t mind the mundane stuff, it’s fun. They ran with it.  So fun.  Did not make it far into the module…so perfect.

I bought a couple more modules, I seem to want them all.

img_8340 img_8343 img_8345

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Last night in my family’s campaign we finished up the Abbott of the Woods, by Harley Stroh.   We seem to be running lots of Stroh stuff.  He is very good.

This was the second session, and I could tell after the first session that I would need to make some modifications.   Creepy is fine, but my family isn’t too keen on straight up gross, which is in spades in this adventure.

So I took out some of those encounters, and changed it up a bit.  This is what any Judge is supposed to do anyway.  Only I know what my players want, and Harley had to write for the masses.

One of the problems is that the players are already overpowered.  They have picked up some nice gear.  That wolf-spear from Doom of the Savage Kings is fantastic.  Even the armor from Portal Under the Stars is pretty sweet.

So I beefed up the encounters.  I gave the Abbott himself 125 hit points!  Two PCs did hit the dirt, but the cleric and a healing potion got them back up in time.

Now they are level 3, and we will be moving to another Stroh piece, Jewels of the Carnifex.  I’ll be working the city a bit more at the start, I think.

There may only be one more module after this next one, and our campaign will be complete.  At least, the first part.  I will have to see what the family wants to do next.  Maybe a Shudder Mountain campaign if they want to start again from level 0.

I am just so pleased with DCC.  It has brought back to me that feeling I had when I first started playing rpgs.  And, it’s the first real campaign for my family.  My wife’s very first rpg.  It’s so well received by all of them, what a delight.

Also, Ed’s Smooth Red pairs very well with DCC.

Ed's Smooth Red goes very well with DCC.

RPG cat.



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