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I’ve been enjoying Goodman Games quite a bit and discovered they have a Cthulhu line!

Also picked up a 5e module that they published, and a third party DCC module.

Got a couple of cool little posters . 🙂  I think I might frame the one on the left.

 My biggest complaint about Goodman Games is their odd opposition to campaigns.   But that’s their deal.  It’s a strength about them to many people.  Standalone adventures.  No commitment to a path required or even offered.



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Friday night we had another DCC adventure.  This time – the Abbot of the Woods.

I put a little village into the start of this one.  I like urban fantasy.  DCC is so wonderful but my group needs a little more urban stuff, like Doom of the Savage Kings.  That module was sooooo friggin perfect for my group.

What I really want is a string of separate, short 16-20 page adventures that all start in a village / town / city.  I like that DCC keeps the adventures separate, but my group, as noted in a previous post, requires a cohesiveness in these adventures.

I started out Abbot by having WANTED posters up for one of the player characters, the one with the first half of  the Rod of Rulership from the adventure ‘Portal Under the Stars.’  That’s our campaign.  It worked pretty well I think!

Our kitties like to come and visit us while we are playing, as you can see by the two pictures.


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I like d20 dice.  I have many

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dice cat

Bagheera, surrounded by dice.  Like a dragon on a mound of gold

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Had a wonderful time last night playing Red Dragon Inn with the family.  These Friday night family game nights are precious and I cherish them!

Red Dragon Inn is a simple game, which is good for party type games like this one.   With the right group, this game is very fun and funny.  I can see, however, that it would not work with some groups.  Isn’t it always about the players?

The idea is that the players have all just returned from an adventure.  Slaying a dragon, whatever.  Now they are at a bar, drinking.   Who will last the longest?  People can exit the game either by being too drunk or running out of money.  It’s a cute game.

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It all started with D&D.

5th edition is very good, if all too familiar.  That’s not a bad thing, and maybe even a good thing.

As a long time fan of published adventures, I have all of them for 5E.    Storm King’s Thunder is the latest.  I’ve flipped through it.

It’s too complex.

They all are.  For me, anyway, at this time.  The prospect of running one of these is just daunting.

For the moment, I’m looking for simple adventures.  I don’t need 10 moving parts.

The basic adventure Mines of Phandelver is a perfect example of what I want.  I was so excited and have run this twice; it’s great!  There are things going on , but it’s not too complicated.

Phandelver might be my favorite adventure ever.

I was hoping the new modules would be more like this, but they have moved to a more complicated (advanced) adventure path.

I hope to return to 5e someday,but I don’t have a group to do it, and mustering a new group, which I have done in the past, takes energy that I do not seem to have right now.

9/29/16 update:  So Storm King’s Thunder actually ISN’T as complicated as I first thought.  And, I think it is my favorite of the published adventures.  Maybe I will run this at some point.

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Did the second segment of the Lone Star Trail today. Took us 5 hours to get through 8 miles.
We got lucky on rain. Almost got it bad but missed it on both sides.
Tried to channel my Thoreau but failed for some reason.
This is my favorite picture of the hike.

Lone Star Trail Section 2

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I bought some cheap IKEA Kallax shelving, which is commonly seen in many YouTube videos in the board game community.

It was $199, just so cheap for what you get, and it looks great!


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I still dig Overwatch.  It’s fun, I’m not good. But I did get lucky and got play of the game twice.  I played with Spacemanzero.  Here are the videos, cued up to my special moments.

and here is the other one.


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So I made a decision on the DCC campaign.  I’m not going to move away from DCC adventure modules, but am going to add the Rod of Rulership, mentioned at the end of the Portal Under The Stars, into a campaign.

It worked quite well, I think, last night.

Modification of anything is within the prerogative of the Judge, it’s just not something I want to do too much.

So I added a mercenary group to the game.  They came up behind the party and tried to take the rod of rulership.  They were led by a wizard, who disappeared.

Then, I had the goat creature talk to the party, and told them to go through a portal to the Abbey for the dryad wood needed to find the location of the second half of the rod.

So now there are two factions that want the rod.  My son helped me with this idea, as he is the driving force behind wanting some cohesiveness to the games.

Everyone had fun, I believe, and we even expanded the session a little to 2 1/2 hours.  I’m soooo happy about this!  It was really fun, and we finished up The One Who Watches From Below.



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