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An interesting video, the 360 thing is curious.  I was there last year at the opening of the doors, it was fun.



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Last year I went to Gencon for my first time, but this year I did not make it.  It has been difficult seeing the images coming from Indianapolis.

One of my friends is there; and he sent me some pictures of the Goodman Games booth.  I’m all into DCC (Dungeon Crawl Classics) at the moment, and last year I didn’t really know what is was so I did not visit the booth.

Goodman-Games at Gencon 2016

On the left, you can see Jim Wampler.  Jim is currently living the dream.  He was part of the DCC podcast Spellburn, which is excellent, but has since created for Goodman Games the upcoming Mutant Crawl Classics.

On the right is the dark master Joseph Goodman.

I really wish I could visit that booth. Maybe in a couple of years.

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