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I thought I’d update the status of, even though there are no readers at all.

One problem with this self proclaimed ‘creative’ endeavor is that it isn’t actually creative. Blogs, and podcasts, in general, are really just narcissistic productions concerned with self promotion (look at me!) or discussion of what other people are creating. This is harsh. But I’m ok with this judgementalism because I’ve had both blogs and podcasts so the criticism is really pointed right at myself.

There are many exceptions to this attack on blogs and podcasts. And I follow and listen to many of them. Some podcasts and blogs do present useful or even unique information, so my general statement applies, I think, to the greater whole and not the lesser exceptions.

But for me, who wishes to make a creative contribution, I’ve fallen short.

I have tried to create original content, a few times. Three webcomics. And they were not good. But I have tried. I also had an original YouTube creation, which was rather monumental in scale, but it fell into the pit of collaborative and time issues.

So with no readers of my content, and no path towards original creative content, how can this little spot of the Internet ever gain any traction? It cannot.

It has to be done for the pleasure of itself. And there is a good bit of that.  Enough that I keep doing a blog, again and again and again.  Drop it; start again.  Blogs are so outdated, but if the pleasure is simply for myself I need not hold to any modern method of communication.

However, I wish to be something more than simply a consumer. Something more than just a devourer of content, moving from place to place after finishing up with game A, or book B, or YouTube channel C.

I will keep thinking, and hoping that some kernal of creative genius hits me, so that I can contribute to the good side of the Internet.

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So for me 2016 is going to be about balance. I’m going to try and do the things I want slowly and steadily, spreading out my attention among many things. Normally, I push to one thing and burn out.

So I’m going to try this. A few bullet points of things I’m going to try and do daily:

Always be reading a book. So far, I have read three books, and I want to read at least three more. I LOVE a good book. And when I have one, nothing is better. Going to try and get caught up on Mistborn. Somehow, there are four more books.
SLOWLY build up on an MMO. Right now it is Black Desert. I love MMOs, and I don’t want to not be playing one. But I need a guild, some people to play with. An MMO night. No need to rush to level 50 of whatever game I am playing.
Bike rides. I need to get more exercise. Two or three times a week.
Some kind of Wednesday game night. It seems my old Wednesday group has collapsed. For years it was stable, but things are not so good. Need to work on something here, but am not sure what.
Limit social media time. I don’t need to check these things 10 times a day…. so dumb.
Listen to more podcasts and audio books.
Get OK with one character in Overwatch.
Continue playing a Tabletop Simulator game asynchronously.
Move towards being in some kind of gaming community.

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