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Hello.  Here I go starting this blog / site yet again.  I begin again with some trepidation, and this time I will be making a backup.  I recently lost two years worth, and it does not look like I will be getting it back.

So the site, which was perfect, now is needing work again.  I will work to set it right, but I am in no hurry.  I have no visitors, and really very little vision for the site.  But I do like having a little corner of the Internet.

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This weekend we went camping to Enchanted Rock, which is basically a gigantic granite rock in the heart of Texas.

It’s always an amazing trip, the natural beauty is amazing to behold, and it’s one of those things that a picture simply cannot capture.

Whenever I do this kind of hiking, and related primitive camping, I feel in touch with and closer to Mother Nature.

I have recently finished Walden, the amazing memoir by Henry David Thoreau, and this was my first campout since finishing it.

Thoreau spent two years, two months and two days living in a tiny cabin immersing himself in a natural existence.

His writing is amazing, even if I do not agree with much of it. He alignment, in D&D terms, is absolute perfect Neutral. If a deer, or a bear, or a tree were to write a book, it would be Walden.

Nature is beautiful, but it is cold, cruel, and harsh. Walden is all about self-sufficiency. And he presses this to the absolute extreme. As I read this difficult read, I found myself agreeing…and then realized his point and could not agree.

Thoreau is as charitable as a wolf. He’s as compassionate as a hawk. He only views people as to what they can do for him.

But on the other hand, he wasn’t necessarily anti-social. He did entertain passers by, and he also seemed to enjoy some of the things that civilization brought to the table. So there is a complexity.

Overall, it’s just a masterpiece. Difficult to read, though. Complex. And now my understanding and acceptance of Nature and it’s cold reality has increased, as has my understanding of the Neutral alignment.

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