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It’s been a good year for us.  There is much to be thankful for:

  1.  My parents coming for Thanksgiving.
  2. A good, well paying job with excellent benefits, great co-workers and a good manager.
  3. A nice house
  4. Wonderful family life.  Our last full year with Paige before she heads off to college.  Big changes coming, today I need to just enjoy while all four of us are here.
  5. Plentiful friends.
  6. We are all healthy and happy

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So far in 2017 there are three purchases that I like the most.

  1.  a little window air conditioner in our bedroom.  We make the room so nice and cozy, and I didn’t see the electric bill go up at all.
  2. airpods – I have wanted blutooth headphones for a long time, and these, by Apple, are amazing!
  3. A second monitor for my computer.  This has been an amazing change, so invaluable, I will never go back.  I can play and watch and surf all at the same time.  Highly recommended.

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So I have a few updates on my 2017 resolution progress.  Some good.  Some not so much.

2.  Control Kickstarter spending.  Only 6 for 2017 will be the goal.

I’m on track here.  I have only funded one so far, How to Write Adventure Modules That Don’t Suck.

At the moment, anything Goodman Games does I’m going all in.  I expect they will have at least 2 more and maybe three more this year.  So they are hogging up half my Kickstarter selections, but I’m good with that.

8.  Read a dozen more books.  One per month.

I’m behind.  I have only read most of one single book; The Handsmaid’s Tale.  Hulu is making an adaption of this.  But I have stalled out and honestly nothing is grabbing me like Appendix N did in 2016.

14.  find creative endeavor……  (I don’t know what this means.  I try things and they go away.  but I must have an outlet and this blog isn’t it)

Ok, so Treknologic is a podcast that I had a big part in creating but left after a year or so due to burnout.  They are going on a hiatus of sorts; so I am stepping in for a year or so while some members get some real life stuff done.  We recorded one episode a week ago or so and it was fun.  I’m rusty; at one point I was pretty good at this but it’s been years and keeping a good flow can be a challenge.  Also I know nothing about microphone technique.


So 2017 is mixed so far.  I’m doing some things right but need to keep some focus on what it is I want to accomplish in 2017.



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Here is a picture of the Alps in Bavaria that I took in March, 2014.

So the site is back looking exactly how I like it.  All is in place.

However the previous two years of content…..gone.  It’s a little sad, but I can’t blame anyone other than myself.   I’m actually not too bent out of shape.  I even cancelled the restore request; these guys are dirt cheap and it shows in their support.  When you get hosting for $4 a month, it’s pretty much all self service.

Nobody ever read any of my blog for the two years I had it running.  I would get a hit here, a hit there, probably from bots; but no following.  It makes me wonder a bit why I started it up again.  As I mentioned before, I have often done little projects like this.  Little corners of the Internet that are my own little place.

I did make a backup of this site, however.  I probably should do a test restore somewhere, I guess.  I probably won’t worry too much about it.


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So for me 2016 is going to be about balance. I’m going to try and do the things I want slowly and steadily, spreading out my attention among many things. Normally, I push to one thing and burn out.

So I’m going to try this. A few bullet points of things I’m going to try and do daily:

Always be reading a book. So far, I have read three books, and I want to read at least three more. I LOVE a good book. And when I have one, nothing is better. Going to try and get caught up on Mistborn. Somehow, there are four more books.
SLOWLY build up on an MMO. Right now it is Black Desert. I love MMOs, and I don’t want to not be playing one. But I need a guild, some people to play with. An MMO night. No need to rush to level 50 of whatever game I am playing.
Bike rides. I need to get more exercise. Two or three times a week.
Some kind of Wednesday game night. It seems my old Wednesday group has collapsed. For years it was stable, but things are not so good. Need to work on something here, but am not sure what.
Limit social media time. I don’t need to check these things 10 times a day…. so dumb.
Listen to more podcasts and audio books.
Get OK with one character in Overwatch.
Continue playing a Tabletop Simulator game asynchronously.
Move towards being in some kind of gaming community.

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Hello.  Here I go starting this blog / site yet again.  I begin again with some trepidation, and this time I will be making a backup.  I recently lost two years worth, and it does not look like I will be getting it back.

So the site, which was perfect, now is needing work again.  I will work to set it right, but I am in no hurry.  I have no visitors, and really very little vision for the site.  But I do like having a little corner of the Internet.

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